SimEffects: Micro Hub


The SimEffects: Micro Hub allows for additional SimEffects modules or to get started with specific modules at a much lower price!

  • SimEffects: Notify – Get clear, visual notifications – by adding a second get per-side notifications for opponent position
  • SimEffects: Timer – Lap times, opp. skill rating, etc.


The SimEffects: Micro Hub allows you to either expand your existing SimEffects: Hub with additional modules such as a second SimEffects: Notify or to get started with SimEffects modules at a much lower cost. The SimEffects: Micro Hub can power either SimEffects: Notify or SimEffects: Timer without the additional expense of the SimEffects: Hub, however without the expandability of that system.

Current Compatible Modules

  • SimEffects: Notify – Get clear, visual notification for flags and other events – by adding a second SimEffects: Notify you can be notified of your opponents car position based on which side they are – if they are left the left Notify will illuminate, if they are right the right system will illuminate.
  • SimEffects: Timer – Lap times for you and opponents, opponents skill rating, etc.


NOTE: The SimEffects: Micro Hub is designed to work with either SimEffects: Notify or SimEffects: Timer – please choose which type when ordering.

The SimEffects: Micro Hub can be a great way to get started with the above SimEffects modules without the expense of the full system or to add additional modules that require additional Arduinos to function, such as SimEffects: Notify.

Full details available just after launch, visit the SimEffects: Forums for support and additional details.

All SimEffects products are currently in pre-production prototype testing and are created using all 3D printed parts.


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