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    Ross Carlson

    Yes, the SimEffects: Hub allows for user modding – if you want to add a feature or otherwise use the Arduino Nano inside then have at it! Here you’ll find the technical details you’ll need to access and build upon the internal open architecture.

    The SimEffects: Hub has 6 ports:
    2x 2-pin 3.5mm barrel connector (power style)
    2x 3-pin 3.5mm jack (headphone style)
    2x 4-pin 3.5mm jack (headphone+mic style)

    2-pin 3.5mm barrel connector
    The 2x 2-pin 3.5mm barrel connectors on the far right of the unit can deliver as much a 12v 1 amp of current and is being fed by a L298N Motor Drive Controller, which is connected to the Arudino Nano using pins 5-10 as follows:

    L298N / Arduino
    ENA = D5
    IN1 = D6
    IN2 = D7
    IN3 = D8
    IN4 = D9
    ENB = D10

    3.5mm 3-pin ‘headphone’ jack
    There are two of these located in the far left of the jack and are stacked vertically. These are used to drive anything based around PWM, 5V DC (under 200ma) and GND. One jack is currently planned for use by SimEffects: Notify but an upcoming Shift product will use the second port for a rev bar/shift light. However as they are both simply PWM, 5V and GND you could do just about anything with that signal, including control DC fans.

    The pins are wired
    tip = 5V
    base = GND
    ring = PWM (pins 11 and 12 on the Arduino respectively)

    3.5mm 4-pin ‘headphone+mic’ jack

    These documents will grow over time but feel free to ask for any clarifications.


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